Praying the Scriptures for Marital Settlement

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Prayers for marital settlement

Singleness can be a choice, and it’s a great choice, but not every single chose this lifestyle. Some people find themselves in this situation, but they desire marital settlement. Not everyone is cut out for a life of singleness, and if you desire to be married, I pray that God will grant you your heart’s desires. In this post, I will be sharing on praying the scriptures for marital settlement. 

Delay in marriage can be unfair, and a good example is that of Racheal in the Bible. She waited 14 years to marry Jacob, that delay was through no fault of hers. It was an unfair delay. She suffered unnecessarily for Jacob’s sins. That why it’s important to pray.

I came across this scriptural verse in Jeremiah 35:5-7. It was how the Rechabites refused to drink any wine or build houses or plant vineyards or sow seeds but remained content by dwelling in tents. Their reasons were because, their father, Jonadab, the son of Rechab commanded them not to do any of those things and not just them; also the generations after them must not plant or sow or build and they OBEYED and never planted or sowed or built all the days of their lives! That, to me, was a generational curse. Imagine a woman or a man who married into this household, not knowing about these ancient voices already spoken into this family. That is the reason to pray even before you meet your spouses and for all mothers, it’s never too early to pray for your children’s marital destiny.

Age has always been an issue, especially in some cultures, and after a certain age, everyone assumes that marriage is no longer possible. Thank God for testimonies of men and women finding their life partners in their 50’s, 60’s or even older ages. If you are reading this and are an older single, widowed or divorced, and you still desire marriage, be encouraged because God can grant you your heart desires and do that which seem impossible. 

Age should not be a barrier because God can renew our youth like the eagle and a thousand years with the Lord are like one night. 

A dear friend, Abiola has kindly agreed to share her testimony of how God came through for her after several years of waiting. This is going to encourage someone out there!  Please click on this link to read her powerful testimony.

At creation, God made a helper that is just right for Adam, that helper was Eve. God is still very much at work, and He is able to give every single man or woman who desires marriage, a helper just right for him or her as God did for Abiola in the testimony above. 

There are scriptural references that promise marital settlement, and I would like to share some of them with you. You can pray with them or use them as your daily confession. Whichever way you want to use them, there is power in praying or confessing the scriptures. 

You may decide to take a scripture verse from the list and focus on this for a week. You can make this a ten-week praying scripture challenge.


Praying the Scriptures for Marital settlement

10 Bible verses to pray for marital settlement :

scriptures to pray for marital settlement


  1. Pray that the Lord will supernaturally connect you with your helper who is just right for you Gene 2:18

  2. Pray that you will not lack your mate ( Partner ) Isa 34:16

  3. Pray that you will no longer be forsaken or desolate, that the Lord will delight in you and your land shall be married Isa 62:4

  4. Pray that you will meet someone that will be committed to you Isa 62:5 

  5. Pray that the Lord will not abandon you and He will give you the future you hope for Jere 29:11 

  6. Pray that the sound of joy and gladness will be heard in your home. The Lord will restore your fortunes Jere 33:11 

  7. Pray that every of God’s promises to you will be fulfilled Eze 12:23

  8. Pray that every word of God’s promises to you will no longer be postponed and the Lord will perform all that He has promised to you Eze 12:25 

  9. Pray that the word of the Lord to you will be done according to what He has declared Eze 12:28 

  10. Finally, pray that the Lord will perfect, stablish, strengthen and settle you 1 Pet 5:10 

    scriptures to pray for marital fulfilment

Please click here to download a printable list of these scriptures to pray for marital settlement. Please share with mothers to pray for their children and with anyone you know that is trusting God for marital settlement. 

As the world celebrates valentine, do not feel left out if you are single. Your Boaz is coming! Be encouraged, the Lord is able to perform all that He has promised you, and after all the waiting, He will perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you. 

Every blessing

Oluseye x

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