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Prayers for peace in the land

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It’s disheartening what’s happening in our world today, nations torn apart by wars and conflicts. Watching the news daily and seeing the destruction caused by wars is heartbreaking. Our world seems to be moving from one disaster to another. In the last two years, we have battled a global pandemic, there have been natural disasters in some places, and now it’s war and conflict in other places. Most people may be wondering where is God in all of this?

God is still God, He rules over the nations of the world, and He reigns over our lives. That assurance that God reigns over the nations is a thread of hope for so many of us. There are wonderful promises in God’s word for seasons of crises, wars and conflicts. We are also assured that God hears when we pray, and He will hear us as we pray for peace in the land.

Prayers for peace in the land ,

Prayers for peace for individuals and for the nations

We may not live in nations with wars, but there is no guarantee of where or when war can break out. Hence, we all need to pray for our nations for peace to rule and for nations caught in conflicts worldwide. We can pray for protection and preservation using the word of God, knowing fully well that all of God’s promises are yea and amen. God fully stand behind each of His promises, and He will surely bring them to pass even as we remind Him of them.

Below are prayers from scriptural verses to pray for peace in the land during conflict and wars.

Prayers for peace and protection

May no enemy break through our walls or carry away any of our people, May there be no cries of pain in our streets   - Psalm 144:14b ERV
I will give peace to your country , You will lie down in peace , No one will come to make you afraid , I will keep harmful animals out of your country and armies will not come through your country - Leviticus 26:6 ERV
You will be secure under a goverment that is just and fair . Your enemies will stay far away . You will live in peace , and terror will not come near - Isaiah 54:14 NLT 
And seek the peace of the city whither i have caused you to be carried away captives and pray unto the Lord for it ; for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace . Jeremiah 29:7 KJV
I fall asleep in peace the moment i lie down because you alone , O Lord enable me to live securely  Psalm 4:8 GW
There will never again be news of violence in your country. People will never again attack your country and steal from you - Isaiah 60:18 ERV

Prayer against every oppressor

This is what the Lord God says; '' I am against Pharoah , king of Egypt , I will break both his arms , the strong arm and the arm that is aleaady broken, I will make the sword fall from his hand - Ezekiel 30:22 ERV
Their children will prosper as they did long ago. I will establish them as a nation before me , and i will punish anyone who hurts them - Jeremiah 30:20 NLT

Prayers for an end to every oppression and aggression

This wickedness will never pass your way again.It will be completely removed Nahum 1:15b

Prayers for restoration

The Lord will restore Jacob's glory like Isreal's glory , although enemies have looted it and have destroyed its vines - Nahum 2:2 GW
The Lord says , ''I will give you back what you lost - Joel 2:25 NLT

Prayers for protection

Then I myself will be a protective wall of fire around Jerusalem , says the Lord , And I will be the glory inside the city!'' Zacharaiah 2:5 NLT 
From now on , let no man trouble me , for i bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus - Galatians 6:17 NKJV
But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one - 2 Thessalonians 3:3  

After praying , what next ?

If anyone  has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them , how can the love of God be in that person 1 John 3:17 

It’s good to pray, but aside from praying, we need to show compassion by giving material possessions to all those affected by the devastation of war.


If there is any time to get connected to the one who has the whole world in the palms of His hands, it is now. There are many uncertainties in our world of today, but as we continue to trust the Lord, we can be rest assured that He will uphold us and shield us from the evils of our world .

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