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10 powerful Bible verses for fruit of the womb

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10 Powerful Bible verses for fruit of the womb

Nothing is impossible with God. He has promised to grant to us our heart desires, and He does not lie. Sarah waited, but the lord remembered her. Hannah, Rachel, Elizabeth all waited, but the lord remembered them and gave them their heart’s desire. He is the same God yesterday, today and forever. He can do that, which is impossible.

Bible verses to pray for fruit of the womb

Women that waited on the Lord for the fruit of the womb in the Bible

Sarah (Genesis 21:1)

Sarah had a child when she was past the age; this means that she is post-menopause but our God can bypass menopause and do the impossible. The Bible recorded that she was 99 years old when Isaac was born. God gave the word of promise to Abraham that Sarah will bear a son. No one, even Sarah, didn’t believe that this word will come to pass. She thought the promise was in Ishmael, the son of her maid, Haggai, But God who cannot lie came through for Sarah. Even though she was already past the age, she received the strength to conceive the child of promise. God is no respecter of persons; If He has done it before for Sarah, He can do it again and again.

Hannah ( 1 Samuel 1:20)

Hannah also waited on the Lord before Samuel was born. She cried to the Lord year after year in Shiloh. She didn’t give up despite the provocation of Peninnah ( her husband’s second wife ). She continued to make that yearly trip to Shiloh, and she continued to pray until the time when the Lord remembered her and gave her Samuel, a child of promise.

Racheal( Genesis 30:22)

Racheal was loved by her husband Jacob, but she was barren. Her sister, Leah, who is also married to her husband, had children freely. Males and females, even Leah’s handmaiden, had children for Jacob, their husband. Racheal became bitter and suicidal. She told Jacob to give her children, or she would die. The humiliation from her sister was too much to bear, but when the time came, the Lord remembered her, and Racheal gave birth to the child of promise, Joseph. Joseph later became the one who delivered all of Leah’s children from famine and death.

Elizabeth ( Luke 1: 36)

Elizabeth and her husband were devout and blameless before God but they were barren. Elizabeth was now old but they continued in their devotion and duty to God. As Zacharias was performing his priestly duty, the angel of the Lord appeared to him and announced that Elizabeth is going to have a child and his name will be called John. John later became the forerunner of our Lord Jesus Christ

All these women waited on the Lord, and the Lord came through for them. The same God yesterday is still the same God today. If He can do it for them, He can do it for you too. The God who answered their prayers will answer you too. Below are Bible verses to pray for the fruit of the womb

Bible verses to pray for fruit of the womb

God blessed them and said,’’ Be fertile, increase in number, fill the earth, and be its master.

Genesis 1:28 GW

No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfil the number of your days

EXodus 23:26 NKJV

I will look favourably upon you, making you fertile and multiplying your people. And I will fulfil my covenant with you

Leviticus 26:9 NLT

You will be blessed above all the nations of the earth. None of your men or women will be childless, and all your livestock will bear young.

Deuteronomy 7:14NLT

the voice of the lord, makes the deer to give birth

Psalm 29:9NKJV

Show me a sign for good that those who hate me may see it and be ashamed,because You, Lord have helped me and comforted me

Psalm 86:17NKJV

He makes the barren to keep house, to be a joyful mother of children

Psalm 113:9NJKV

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward


Your children shall be like olive plants all around your table


The streets of the city, shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets


So he said, ‘’ Have no doubt, I promise to bless you over and over, and give you a son and multiply you without measure


By faith, Sarah herself also received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age because she judges Him faithful who had promised


You can download a printable of 10 powerful Bible verses to pray for the fruit of the womb here

The women, Sarah, Hannah, Racheal and Elizabeth, all received the sons of promise. After waiting, the Lord remembered these women and the sons born to them were exceptional children, Isaac, Samuel, Joseph and John the Baptist. The God who did it for these women is still in the business of doing miracles. Just like Sarah received strength when she was already past the age of childbearing, May you also receive the strength to conceive your babies despite any prediction of medical science, the same God yesterday is still the same today. He can do the impossible.



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  1. Rosemary Lackey

    Three different doctors told me I would never have children, so I surrendered my rights and my expectations and accepted whatever was God’s plan. Then, about a year later, I got pregnant! My husband and I have two daughters and three grandsons and are getting ready to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in August. It is God who decides if and when to open and close wombs. I love that you’ve shared ten Bible verses on this subject. I pray that they will be read by many and used of the Lord to give encouragement and comfort!

    1. seyericks

      Wow! What a powerful testimony Rosemary! Our God is indeed a faithful God who keeps covenant. Happy 50th wedding anniversary in advance.
      And a big amen to your prayers. Thanks for stopping by x

    2. Ijeoma

      This is the first time am reading your write-up, I have been blessed.

      1. admin

        Thanks for stopping by x

  2. G. Y Williams

    I love reading your blog so encouraging and refreshing and the scriptures resonates with me, I remember my pregnancy journey 12years ago, after 3 very painful miscarriages God gave me 2 beautiful children and Yes … only God has the final say! It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of how wonderful God word is. Thanks Dr Seye for your inspiring words.

    1. seyericks

      Wow! What a powerful testimony! Our God is indeed faithful. He is a miracle working God.
      Thanks so much, Yomi, for your encouraging words and for stopping by ?

    2. helen

      All glory to God I shall carry my own children too I pray God remember me and open my womb Amen

      1. Dr. S

        Amen and amen . As you have said in His hearing so He will do for you Numbs 14:28

  3. Joy

    I tap into your testimony, May God bless you.i just pray God answers my prayer concerning the fruit of the womb in Jesus name

    1. Dr. S

      I join my faith with yours, God is no respecter of persons and He will answer you speedily

  4. Jacinta

    I believe God is still in the business of giving children. Just got married 3 years ago, had fibroid surgery and since then, my menses has become irregular and ceased At 43th my menses ceased and having signs of menopause. Even Dr. has told me to go for menopause. But l know that same God who did it for Sarah, Rachale, Elizabeth and Hanaah will do it for me also. I tap into the testimony that God who did it for Sarah even in post meopause will do the miracle in my love. God is faithful as l look forward to share my own testimony soonest. Amen

    1. Dr. S

      Amen! Your testimony is next. As you trust God to do this miracle, please get all the medical help you can get too.
      Please check out our blog on 10 practical things you must do before you plan that pregnancy

  5. Happy

    I key into your testimony and I receive my seeds by faith In Jesus Name

    1. Mrs RC Aminu

      I’m praying for some people for the fruit of the Womb, Lord, bless them let them the cry of their ownchildren in their homes

  6. Olawunmi

    I’m of age & still believe in God of possibilities. I pray God grant my heart desires. I shall testify soon in Jesus Precious name. Thanks for your words of encouragement. God bless.

    1. Dr. S

      All things are possible with God, He will grant all of your heart desires , Amen

  7. Selasie

    I thank God for making me come across this powerful encouraging words and testimonies. I tab in to it and pray that may God glorify HIS name in my life by enabling my womb to conceive in JESUS MIGHTY NAME

    1. Dr. S

      Amen & amen! God is faithful to do that which He has promised

  8. Ruth

    All glory to God I shall carry my own children too I pray God should remember me and open my womb,in Jesus mighty name amen

    1. Dr. S

      I agree with you Ruth, the Lord who remembered Sarah and Hannah will remember you too in Jesus’ name

  9. Mrs Joseph

    I shall carry my own sets of twins in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus.. Amen. Thank you Dr. S

    1. Dr. S

      Amen, Mrs Joseph. I agree with you that you will carry your own set of twins in Jesus’ name

  10. Allison jane

    I join this group today and I pray that through what God is doing here,I will have my own testimony soon,

    1. Dr. S

      Amen & Amen! As you have declared so shall it be in Jesus’ name

  11. Emo-G

    I prayed that God Almighty will who did it for those women, will perfect my marriage with children in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. He is still the same God of old, yesterday, today, and forever. Amen

    1. Dr. S

      Yes, He is the same yesterday , today and forever. I join my faith with yours that God will answer you speedily . Amen !

  12. Theresa

    I bless God for leading me to this site. The God of the old is still the God of now. He is still consistent in his ways. I pray he remembers me and other families who are seeking the fruit of the womb. Soon we shall all testify of his goodness and faithfulness in our lives as we birth our promise children, amen.

  13. Ogonna

    I know that with God all things are possible, I will carry my own sets of twins very soon in the mighty name of Jesus Amen 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Dr. S

      Amen! As you have declared , so shall it be in Jesus name

  14. Adeyinka Debbie

    God that remember Sarah, Hannah, Rachel and Elizabeth, remember me in Jesus name.I received my own miracle babies by faith in Jesus name.

  15. Ijeoma

    Wonderful testimonies, i just stumble this website today and i love all the testimonies. I am also believing God to do the impossible in my life just as He did for Mother Sarah and others even in our present time. God You bypass menopause, ovulation and others and bless Sarah. God do same for me Lord. When natural things give way Lord show up with Your Supernatural amen.

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